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WHY Villa Yacht

Just announced at the Abu Dhabi yacht show, the WHY Villa Yacht is an island that thinks it's a yacht... I mean a yacht that thinks it's an island...

Actually it's a collaboration between a Monaco shipbuilder and Parisian fashion house, and none have actually been sold or built yet! But it looks really nice, so lets have a look.

The full name is the WHY58x38; the numbers being its dimensions, 58m long by 38m wide. That's pretty big, and if any are ever built they will have an estimated price tag of anything up to 100 million euros.

The layout is open plan on 3 levels, and each level has been given a trendy sounding title. The top level is the "master space", the middle level is the "guest space" and the bottom level is the "common space". It will have room for 12 guests and 20 crew.

At the rear of the boat is a large 30m space that is designed to be used like a beach, with plenty of room for sun loungers and easy access to the water for a dip when the sea is calm enough.

The WHY has been designed to be environmentally friendly, and is covered in 900 square metres of thermovoltaic panels. Top speed is likely to be 14 knots and will use considerably less fuel than other yachts of similar size.

P.S. I have just read that Hermes, the fashion house, has announced it is to withdraw from the project. If this is true it could mean the end, unless the shipbuilder is prepared to continue alone. That would be a shame, as yacht building can be a bit "me too". This would be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Click below to see the promotional video.