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Vertu Phone

The Vertu phone, handbuilt by craftsmen, costs more than 20 times as much as other mobile phones. So why is it so expensive?

Vertu Phone

Would you pay £200,000 for a phone? That's how much one of Vertu's exclusive, diamond studded phones has sold for! How about £4,000? That's the price of their cheapest!

Of course, the cheapest certainly is not "cheap", not in price or quality. All Vertu phones are made to exacting standards from the finest materials. None of your standard mobile phone plastic here!

In this post I will focus on one particular phone in the range, the Signature. I've chosen this one because, in my opinion, it's their best looking phone. You could read about it on the Vertu website, or read on for a summary.

The Vertu Signature is the first in their range to be hand-built by a single craftsman (craftsperson?) whose signature can be found by taking the back off the phone. It is available in a choice of finishes; these are stainless steel, gold, white gold, and platinum.

The face is made from a solid piece of sapphire that is so hard it is almost impossible to scratch. It requires diamond tipped tools to cut and polish, and Vertu claims that it takes two weeks to create in a 2000°C furnace. The smoothness and longevity of the keyboard is due to the use of 4.75 carats of rubys behind the keys, sliding on sapphire crystal. Now you start to see where your money is going!

Not content with standard ringtones, Vertu commissioned an orchestral composition that was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. It is this music, when played through the high quality speaker that gives the Signature its distinctive sound.

And finally, how about your own personal assistant? Each Vertu Signature has a button that puts the owner through to "Vertu Concierge", where a real person is available with advice and assistance.

It is obvious that a Vertu phone is not for your average mobile phone user. Most people would be so worried about losing it that it would never leave the house. For the multi-millionaire, though, this is a status symbol and a reward for success. Just like an expensive watch, you don't need it, but if you can afford it and you appreciate the build quality and craftsmanship, then go ahead. You deserve it!