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Richard Branson Biography - Screw It Lets Do It

If you want a Richard Branson biography that also teaches some important life and business lessons, "Screw It Lets Do It" is the book for you.

Richard Branson Biography

OK, to start with this is written by Richard Branson himself, so technically it is an autobiography. Except it isn't really! It doesn't start with his childhood, and it doesn't step through his life in chronological order. Each chapter is dedicated to an important lesson that the world famous entrepreneur has learnt or applied, and gives examples from his highly eventful business career to demonstrate.

You will read about his hard work and determination in first publishing Student magazine. The trials and tribulations of setting up and growing Virgin Records. His close brushes with the law. His respectful approach to people.

What becomes obvious from all this is that Richard Branson's success is due more to his own drive, motivation and personality than to anything else, and to a very cavalier attitude to risk. Hence the title I suppose; "Screw It Lets Do It".

Written in his own style, the book was obviously hardly touched by an editor. It is almost as if it was dictated one day and published the next. But that gives the book it's own charm and appeal; as if the author is standing in front of an audience making a speech.

There may be another bioigraphy of Richard Branson that covers more detail of his life, but "Screw It Lets Do It" is the one to read if you are interested in learning from his achievements and mistakes.