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Private Jet Rental

Forget first class! This is the ultimate way to travel to your destination, whether it is for a vacation, a short break, or on business.

Private Jet Rental Hawker 125 Interior

So what does it mean to charter an aircraft? You pay for exclusive use of the aircraft rather than for the seats individually. This means that you are not restricted to a schedule. You decide when to fly, with a wide choice of departure and destination airports.

The benefits of this are a more comfortable journey, and your choice of airplane. A private jet can be booked at short notice, and will wait for you if you are delayed. The biggest benefit of all is the privacy, especially for celebrities. You can board almost immediately upon arrival at the airport via a VIP lounge, and disembark just as quickly and discretely at your destination, straight into a waiting chauffeur driven limousine.

Jets tend to be classified as small or light, medium or mid-sized, and large or heavy. The small jets can have as few as 4 seats, while the heavy jets typically will have 20 or more. The larger jets often have a much higher range; in excess of 4000 miles.

Luxuries on board, especially on the bigger jets, include a bar, comfy sofas, and food and drinks provided by a flight attendant. If you want to relax with music or movie or your choice; no problem. If you want a noisy party; no problem. If you want to get some work done, you will find all the facilities you need, including internet access, fax, scanner, printer, etc.

The photos show a typical mid-size jet; the Hawker 125-800. This seats 8 people in comfort, with swivelling recliners, a sofa and a small washroom in the rear. There is also a galley and bar. This jet will travel at speeds of up to 500mph, with a range of 2,900 miles.

You may wonder about the safety, but fear not. The same safety regulations apply to private jets as to the larger scheduled airliners, and all aircrew are subject to stringent rules and standards.

A popular approach to renting a private jet is through a membership scheme. This is often a pre-paid scheme in which a number of flying hours are paid for in advance and can be used at short notice whenever required. Other charter companies operate a reward scheme whereby you get points according to how much you spend. These can be used to get discounts on future bookings.

So what does it cost? Well that depends on the number of seats, the model of jet, and the distance travelled. Surprisingly, for a larger jet, if all seats are filled it is not much more expensive than buying first class seats on a scheduled airline. For the really well-heeled though, using private jet rental regularly for shopping trips across the Atlantic, to take a few friends to a sporting event, or flying the family for a few quiet days of rest, this is definitely not a cheap option.

For example, prices for a mid-size jet travelling from London to Rome start at around £15,000 one way!

Private jet rental, then, is without doubt the ultimate way to travel, and when you plan your next exclusive vacation it should be at the top of your list of options for getting there in style and comfort.