Photographic DVDs for Tourists

by Rich

This is a very low cost business idea; especially if you already have a digital SLR and computer.
Travel to a popular tourist location (handy if you already live there) and take photos of landmarks, such as famous buildings and scenic views. Take London for example; you've got Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, St Pauls Cathedral, Houses of Parliament, boats on the Thames... The list goes on.

Take hundreds of pictures. Take each picture from several angles, and use both wide angled and close up views.

Then sort through the photos on your computer. Choose only the best images; be picky. If you are able, you could superimpose a title on each picture (using Photoshop perhaps).

Transfer the pictures onto a DVD from your computer. Now design an attractive DVD cover using a selection of the images.

Take your DVD to a few local gift shops, cafes, hotels, and ask if they would be interested in reselling them.
They will be able to give you an idea of how much to charge, based on a percentage of their anticipated resale price.

If you get enough interest it may be worth getting the DVDs professionally made. For large orders this can work out cheaper than doing it at home (and a lot quicker!).

So. Is this a good idea? Tell me what you think.

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