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Pershing Yachts

Pershing Yachts is an Italian maker of luxury high performance motor yachts, ranging in size from 11 to 35 metres.

Pershing Yachts

The company has been owned since 1998 by Ferretti Group, who also have an interest in several other yacht makers, including Riva, Bertram, Mochi Craft, and Custom Line.

Pershing yachts are much admired for their style and performance, looking as though they are moving even when docked. Technology normally only associated with racing boats combined with lightweight materials mean that a Pershing boat can travel surprisingly fast for its size. The top of the range, the Pershing 115 is 35m long yet has a top speed of 52 knots!

Pershing 108

Pershing 108

The 108 is Pershing's latest motor yacht, and at the time of writing is in the final stages with the first boat due to be delivered to its first customer very soon. Dimensions are:

  • Length overall 32.90m;
  • Beam 6.70m;
Pershing 108

The Pershing 108 is unusual in that it has 3 engines, all 2,600hp diesels, and these can be used in the following configurations:

  • Central engine only, giving a maximum 11 knots;
  • Outside 2 engines only, giving a maximum of 23 knots;
  • All 3 engines together, giving a maximum of 40.5 knots.

The reason for this is to improve fuel consumption, and would appeal to the owner keen to minimise his damage to the planet. It can't be for financial reasons after all, as the cost of diesel is negligible when compared with the purchase price of the yacht!

Internally, the modern design continues with Pershing's trademark open plan layout, with plenty of Walnut and light open space. There is sleeping accomodation for 8 in 4 cabins, accessed by a large stairway from the saloon. The master cabin is massive, using the full width of the boat, with an ensuite bathroom. All cabins make substantial use of leather, and this theme continues upstairs in the saloon, on the large C-shaped sofa.

Externally the 108 has plenty of space for enjoying the sun, with several large bathing areas, seating and tables. Pershing boats have a reputation for stability in all conditions, so the foredeck could safely be used even when travelling at high speed.

Pershing 115

Pershing 115

The 115 is the companies largest yacht to date. Dimensions are:

  • Length overall 35m;
  • Beam 7.2m;

The "standard" boat comes with two 3,700hp diesels, using water-jet propulsion. These propel it to a maximum speed of 42 knots. Add the $3.5 million option of a 5,000 hp gas turbine, though, and it will exceed 50 knots. That's a top speed of over 60mph!

More information at the Pershing website.

Have a look at the video below for a quick tour.