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Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe watches are the most expensive watches in the world, and when you look closely at the craftmanship and design you start to see why.

Patek Philippe Watches

If you ask 100 people who makes the most expensive watches in the world, most would probably guess wrong. When you tell them it is a company called Patek Philippe, most will say "Who?"

Patek Philippe are the one remaining independent watch maker in Switzerland, and make what is widely agreed are the finest watches in the world. They specialize in what are known as "complications". These are additional functions to the display of time. Examples are date, day of the week, month, and the handling of leap years. Remember that these are purely mechanical, clockwork timepieces; none of your computerised tat here!

Even more impressive are the "grand complications"; astronomical functions such as phases of the moon, and perpetual calendars.

The build quality of the watches is beyond compare. All are built by craftsmen who have years of experience of the micro-mechanical precision required. Materials such as gold, white gold and platinum are used, and they are often adorned with diamonds and other precious gems.

A Patek Philippe watch holds the record for the most expensive watch ever sold. This was a watch made in 1933 that sold recently for $11 million! This is actually not much more than the Star Caliber 2000, their most expensive watch currently manufactured, which fetches an amazing $7.5 million!

The watch pictured is the Grand Complications Perpetual Chronograph 5971P. This gorgeous watch sells for as much as $270,000. The P in the model number stands for "Platinum". The face is covered with scratch resistant sapphire crystal and set with diamonds.

The mechanical complexity of this watch is difficult to believe. Some of its features are:

  • Perpetual calendar, showing day, month, and date
  • Ability to handle leap years
  • Display of the moon phases
  • AM and PM indicators

Patek Philippe deserve their reputation as maker of the world's best timepieces, and hopefully will retain their independence for years to come. You can read more at