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One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, London

One Hyde Park, in Knightsbridge, London, is proof that it is not just sprawling mansions that sell for lots of money. This is a development of apartments costing up to £100 million each.

One Hyde Park One Hyde Park Penthouse

Designed by top architect Richard Rogers, this development consists of 4 diamond shaped buildings, referred to as "pavilions", each with a penthouse costing up to £100 million.

The pavilions are linked at one end by elevators and stairwells, and are not parallel to one another. Rather, they make a radial pattern, being further apart at one end than the other.

There are 86 apartments in total, and even though they are not due to be completed until the end of 2010, significant sales have been made already, including all 4 penthouses.

Security will be very high, as you would expect in a development housing so many ultra-rich people. The guards are taken from members of the SAS, and there is an underground passage for emergency exit to the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

The penthouses will have bullet-proof windows and panic rooms. They will also have 24 hour room service.

Communal facilities include a swimming pool, squash courts, wine tasting room(s), restaurants, and retail outlets on the ground floor.

Candy and Candy, the brothers behind the development have reportedly turned some buyers away, as they felt that their presence might put off other potential residents.

This exclusive development is proof that not everyone wants a massive property or private gardens. Sometimes location within one of the world's top capital cities, high security, and a prestigous address are considered more important.