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Necker Island

This paradise island, situated in the British Virgin Islands, is owned by Richard Branson and the entire island can be booked if you can afford it.

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Here is a perfect example of the sort of luxury you can enjoy if you are a multi-millionaire and, at the same time, a lesson in how a successful businessman will never pass on the opportunity to make a few extra dollars.

Necker Island is a 74 acre paradise in the British Virgin Islands, near to Antigua in the Caribbean. Virgin boss Richard Branson first saw the island when he was just starting out in business, and within a couple of years had purchased it for the (relatively) tiny sum of £180,000.

He quickly set out to develop the island into the vacation destination it is today, starting with the Great House, and then building the 6 smaller Balinese houses.

The Great House, in its raised position with fantastic views over the island and sea beyond, is now a second home for the Branson family, but for most of the year is also available for guests to the island.

It has 6 luxury bedrooms and a Junior Suite, all with large four-poster beds, ensuite bathrooms and balcony. There is also a Master Suite with its own private terrace. Security is not an issue here; there are no locks on the doors and the only intruders are likely to be the geckos that live on the island.

The Balinese houses are named Bali Hi, Bali Cliff, Bali Beach, Bali Low, Bali Buha and Bali Kukila. These are in two groups, each sharing a swimming pool. Guests may also use the infinity pool in the main house, with its swim-up bar, or relax in the jacuzzi and enjoy the panoramic view.

For most of the year the only way to book a stay at Necker Island is to book it as a complete package. The 28 guests will pay $53,000 per night between them for the luxury of being served sumptuous meals, top wines and champagne by 60 staff, including Michelin trained chefs.

At certain times of the year (called Celebration Weeks), the houses can be booked individually by couples or families. The cost for this currently starts at $25,400 per couple for a week.

So what is there to do? Well loads of water sports for a start. Windsurfing, sailing, snorkelling, kite surfing, kayaking, water skiing. There is even a floating trampoline anchored off one of the beaches!

If you want to keep your feet on land, there are tennis courts, a refreshing 3 mile walk around the island, and a relaxing spa.

A recent addition is the Necker Nymph. This is a 3 man submarine, allowing guests to experience the colourful underwater world so renowned in the region.

Talking of wildlife, there's plenty on Necker Island itself. I've already mentioned the geckos, and there are also flamingos, tortoises and (unavoidably) mosquitos!

The island can be reached by boat or helicopter from several of the nearby islands, which in turn can be reached by flight from several Caribbean islands, including Antigua.

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Hopefully I'll see you there!