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I Can Make You Rich

A Review of the Book by Paul McKenna.

I Can Make You Rich

"I Can Make You Rich" first caught my eye a couple of years ago while browsing through a book store. At the time I didn't even look at it, as I thought it was just a well known hypnotist using his notoriety to make easy money.

Recently though, a friend of mine bought another of his books "I Can Make You Thin" with astonishing results. My desire to be rich is greater than my desire to be thin, so I went straight out and bought the book.

Paul McKenna is not just a hypnotist. He is also a very astute businessman, running a very successful training company. He has taught the principles and techniques described in this book to countless clients, and claims that all of them have become richer as a result.

"I Can Make You Rich" is split into 2 parts:

1. The Psychology of Wealth

The book begins by describing the importance of thinking rich. This is all about developing a healthy attitude to money and the benefits it can bring. He describes several very effective mental exercises, 2 of which are creating a "Rich Anchor" and reprogramming your "Wealth Thermostat". I still use the "Rich Anchor" every day, and can honestly say that it has created the motivation for me to move forward and onto a rich future.

The concepts in this part of the book are reinforced with a 25 minute self-hypnosis CD. I don't know if it was reading the book or listening to the CD that gave me the idea, but I know that I would not have created this website if I had not bought the book.

2. Let's Go Make Money

This part of the book helps you to generate ideas, to plan a business, and to act on your plans. He talks about the skills that all successful millionaires possess, and includes more exercises and advice. One that I find particularly useful is the "Millionaires Notebook". It is surprising how easy it is to generate business ideas after you have practiced it for a while.


There is a good reason why this is the first book reviewed on Rich Living. The site would not exist without it. I am also now involved in 2 other business ventures, one of which is showing some promise. I just wish that "I Can Make You Rich" had been published 20 years ago.