About This Site

My choice of topic for this website is straightforward. The site consists of 2 main streams; Being Rich and Getting Rich.

The idea is that anyone who finds the site through a search for luxury homes, expensive cars, or exclusive vacations will find plenty to interest them. But they are probably quite keen to get rich themselves (if not already).

The section on Getting Rich, with posts about business ideas, book reviews, etc, may be something they want to read about.

Likewise, someone who initially looks at this site for the business information may also be interested in the lifetyles and products they can afford once their business becomes successful. They will naturally be drawn to the section on Being Rich.

What's In It For Me?

Honestly? Money. This site is my own business, earning passive income all day every day (even while I sleep).

Yes, it is a topic I find very interesting, and one I am knowledgeable about. I may not post every day, but I am always working on the next subject to write about. A passion for the subject is obviously very important.

But did you know that a website or blog can make its owner a 6-figure sum, annually? Some do even better! There are several ways this can be done; contextual advertising, in-text links, affiliate programs, ebook sales, referral fees, and loads more.

I learnt about this from a free ebook, called the Affiliate Masters Course. This has recently been updated, and is widely acknowledged to be the best way to learn how to make a passive income from the internet.

So if you enjoy reading my posts, please subscribe through RSS, follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to my email newsletter.

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